There is life after HIV diagnosis: Kananda

- Article by SABC (November 27, 2014)

Criselda Kananda

Radio personality and Aids activist Criselda Kananda says it was not a conscious decision to become an activist.

Speaking on Morning Live, she says she knew right after her HIV diagnosis that she needs to do something to educate people.

"Coming from a nursing background, I saw that there was a need to educate better."

She says people need to know that HIV is a viral infection that affects the immune system. "It is not the end," she says. "There is life after diagnosis."

"We need to deal with stigma and stereotypes, we need to inform better and educate people," says Kananda.

Kananda is one of the few people to bring HIV to the nation's attention and this has made her an admirable role model to many Africans.

She has been actively involved in Positive campaigns for the rights of both the HIV positive and negative people.

- Article by SABC (November 27, 2014)